• Branding
  • Staff Training
  • Web Design & Development
  • SEO / SEM
  • Video & Photo Production
  • Digital Campaign Creation & Management
  • Digital & Print Collateral Creation
  • Implementation of Internal Office Systems
  • Practice Management Consulting
  • Monthly Check-in Calls
  • Monthly Reporting & Analytics

Nu Smile Roseville Dental

Our friends at Nu Smile Roseville Dental were looking to grow their practice beyond the typical dental experience. They wanted to have a marketing presence that accurately described their core values–patient centered. In creating this new brand, other brand themes that were important were: technology, comfort, and a warm patient experience.

What was needed

Dr. Kwan and Dr. Hsu partnered with Two Impress to develop several assets that would inevitably set them apart from the over-saturated, California Dental market. So, how did we do it?

  • Full Rebrand
  • Redesign of Website and all digital assets
  • Redesign of printed material, promotional and patient facing.
  • Digital Ad Campaign Generation & Management
  • Photoshoot of team
  • Practice Font Signage

Outside of the marketing collateral creation, Two Impress provided a level of business consulting and practice management decisions. We provided assistance with the implementation of a new phone system & practice tracking software.

What was the process

Here at Two Impress, we pride ourselves on our process. We work hard to ensure that each our transitions are seamless and free from pain. As we learned more about Nu Smile, we began to build a relationship that allowed us to know what the practice and its' components needed. Enough about that, here's a quick shake down of how it went:

  1. Introductions & Digital Handshakes
  2. Acquiring Current Collateral & Assets (print / digital)
  3. Brand Research & Creation
  4. Brand Revisions & Approval
  5. Print & Digital Material Created
  6. Website Wireframe & Design
  7. Website Revision, refinement, & Launch
  8. Digital Campaign Creation
  9. Internal Systems Implementation
  10. Staff Trainings
  11. Video & Photo Production
  12. Continual Maintenance and Brand Awareness Building

What was the result

The Results speak for themselves. Feel free to check out the website, Https:// Here's just a few examples of the transformations that have taken place:

Before and After
The homepage displays a video that highlights the core values of practice.
New Modern Layout promoting a simple & clean design.

Savings Plan Handout Card (and Digital use)