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The marketing “Big Three”, strategy, design, and advertising, play pivotal roles in your business. Despite the appearance of simplicity, effective marketing is multifaceted. At its core, marketing employs a variety of layers that work in synchronistic harmony to achieve specific goals. We understand that in an idealistic world a simple Facebook post every now and again would satisfy your audience, and propel them to patron your store, e-commerce site, or service offering. However, it takes the “Big Three”working in tandem with one another to generate the best traffic and awareness to your business.

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In this day and age, it is absolutely essential for brands to have a virtual presence. For some this comes naturally, others can use a little help. Read this to learn some easy steps to take your brand into the digital age.

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Content is King

Ever searched for “best places to eat” on the Internet, and read through a local foodie’s blog on their top five picks in your city? What about researching the best electric vehicle on the market today, and skimming through articles of test results from professional reviewers? Even if your searches do not match up exactly to these examples, we are confident most consumers have scoured through content like this to determine their best options. To understand why content is utilized so deliberately is to understand the basis of why consumers are searching in the first place.

Consumers are consistently hunting for information to help them make the decisions to purchase goods or services. This can be as simple as a smart caption on a social media post or as in-depth as a case study. Potential customers and clients are looking for ways to connect a solution to a problem they have. Content is the most effective way of conveying your ability to solve their problem.

Content marketing is the action of creating and sharing relevant information with a target audience. This information should attempt to stand out and grab the reader’s attention. Strategy plays a significant role on how effectively the content performs. Empty words will produce empty results. There should be a clear message that speaks to the benefit of the consumer.  Without effective communication to demonstrate how you can help potential customers, you risk losing out on sales revenue.

Perhaps one of the most pivotal ways content is king is its ability to foster relationship with its audience. Evaluating your market, the demographics, and the preferences of these potential buyers, are the keys to finding how to create meaningful messages. As we mentioned before: empty words will produce empty results. However, the antithesis holds true as well. When content expresses relatability and authenticity, it creates a rapport between you and your customers. When rapport is created, it generates repeat business and referrals, all of which grow your bottom line.

Content is a powerful and moving force in marketing. It takes a conscious processing of data, awareness of customer needs, and the desire to build relationship with your audience. Still struggling to get started? Two Impress can help. We offer comprehensive marketing strategies, design, and campaign development. We like to work collaboratively with our clients to help reach their marketing objectives. Contact us today to see how we can help crown your own content to be king.