How to Use Social Media in Different Industries

Using social media for business is an incredibly important element to creating a successful business. Industries all over the world utilize a variety of platforms to convey their messages to their current and potential customers. Those without a social media presence typically fall by the wayside as their competitors can reach more groups of people and thereby perform better in sales and customer acquisition. However, there is no one-size-fits-all strategy for every sector of business. We are going to evaluate how to determine best social media practices for five different industries.

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Real Estate

For real estate agents, social media is a critical tool in setting themselves apart from other competing agents. By marketing their personal sales and success stories, they give themselves more credibility in a highly saturated field. In addition, real estate companies who are active on social media by posting new and available listings are more likely to have their posts shared by their current followers. This greatly increases their potential client base and generates more visibility to their listings.

Fitness and Health

With fitness and health not losing any of its momentum in the last decade, social media has become a gold mine for the fitness and health industries. There are countless ways to use social media as a platform to increase business and engagement with followers. This can include how-to video content on how to properly use exercise equipment, a link to a blog on nutrition on your own site, and advertisements for promotions on health products or training services.


So much of innovative technology is hinged on the demonstration of what it can do. Think of the Apple iPhone releases every year. They take the time to create a whole event out of the newest release, providing images and 3-D renderings of its capabilities. Most other technology isn’t absent from needing a platform to show what it offers. This is where social media can become increasingly helpful, especially in new releases. By creating short and concise video with descriptive content, technology companies can create increased interest on social platforms in what they are selling.

Recruiting/Human Resources

What better way to access a huge pool of potential applicants than through social media? By posting job openings through social media sites such as LinkedIn, the challenge of sorting through potential applicants can be reduced. Another positive about posting on social is that the candidates can get a feel for what the company is like before they apply. By allowing your company culture to be seen through pictures and media, relevant posts, happenings in your organization, applicants are invited in to get an idea of what it would be like to work for your company. This can be beneficial in finding the ideal people to fill open positions.


Whether it be sales or new releases, Retail is one of the most marketable of industries on social media. Running boosted posts and strategic marketing ad campaigns of a specific product can lead to increased numbers of customers entering the sales funnel. Using data from what retail companies know about their customer archetype, they will be able to utilize their dollars most effectively in targeting those specific people on the social media platforms they visit most frequently. In fact, 76% of consumers have purchased products off a post from a brand’s social media page. With such strong figures, it makes complete sense for retailers to keep active on social media accounts.

Though we only scratched the surface in what kinds of industries benefit from social media marketing, it is plain to see the benefits. Our agency is designed to help small businesses reach their goals through full-scale marketing, especially in the virtual world. Skilled in the world of website design, social media marketing, and more, we are here to help you take your business to the next level. Contact us today to see how we can work in tandem with you!

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