Putting People First: The Two Impress Philosophy

Putting People First: The Two Impress Philosophy

June 30, 2019

Putting People First

When it comes to partnering with a marketing agency you can trust to grow your business, one of the most important things to consider is the relationship potential with the agency. At Two Impress, we’re committed to putting people first, and that means a laser focus on treating everyone with the respect they deserve—from our clients and their customers to our vendors and creative team.

But what exactly does it mean to put people first? And how does this philosophy translate into strong, fruitful working relationships with the people and organizations in our orbit? We’re glad you asked…

Partnering with an Agency

The way we see it, the best way for us to build a strong working relationship with clients is through clear, honest communication. Our unique virtual model allows us to seamlessly partner with clients all over the world and continually explore new, effective ways to engage them in the creative process. Whether we’re close enough for an in-person chat or on the other side of the globe, meeting face-to-face—through the miracle of video conferencing—has never been easier. This focus on person-to-person collaboration is the key to the most successful agency/client relationships. Without it, the partnership is doomed to fail.

Put simply, we’ve seen over and over again that a strong partnership built on mutual respect will stand the test of time—from slow growth periods and internal transitions to the rare unsuccessful campaign. By focusing on our shared values and fostering a collaborative working environment, we can create a more efficient and effective product, campaign or end result.

The TwoImpress Team

This people-first philosophy is one of the things that makes Two Impress an awesome marketing agency to work for. Our team consists of creatives and marketing experts with a proven track record of success, regardless of their geographic location. We know that requiring people to sit in an office all day does not necessarily facilitate creativity or collaboration, so we created an agency that focuses on what’s most important: people.

We’ve developed a virtual environment for our team members that allows them to thrive—no matter where they’re located, how they work or even when they work. It’s a level of freedom and autonomy most brick-and-mortar agencies struggle to offer their employees, and we’re certain it results in happier people, higher quality work and a more respectful and collaborative working environment for the talented folks who put their hearts and souls into the work we do for our clients.

Your Customers

Even more important than the relationship you develop with your agency partner are the relationships you create with your customers. When we say we put people first, we’re not just talking about our clients and internal teams. Two Impress is equally committed to helping you build and maintain strong connections with your customers. After all, isn’t that what successful marketing is all about?

We help you build these connections by taking the time to really get to know your customer base and delivering effective, breakthrough marketing strategies and initiatives that resonate with those audiences. Why? Because your customers are the lifeblood of your business, and businesses like yours are the lifeblood of our business. When you succeed, we succeed. It’s that simple.  

At the end of the day, the key to our success and the reason our virtual model works is our people-first approach to marketing. Essentially, a little mutual respect goes a long way. And we don’t care that it sounds like dating advice. We stand by it

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