Servant Leadership for Your Business

Servant Leadership for Your Business

February 16, 2020

Set the tone

Everyone knows that a leader leads. However, their philosophy sets the tone for every aspect of business. Servant leadership is humbling, but it does make employees feel connected to someone who is trying todo the best for them. Someone who sees a three-foot view and the 30,000-foot one. This type of leader harnesses the power of the present and includes their team on a fundamental level. They turn around their teams and companies with a blend of expertise and genuine caring.

Give others freedom

Some want to be leaders for the prestige. They get an ego boost when walking into the boardroom or driving around in their fancy car. Areal leader is content when their business is running smoothly because their team feels secure. A great leader can be trusted. He or she understands that the privilege of leading allows others to experience freedom through the leader’s accountability. This means having the hard conversations and working alongside your team members – not trying to dominate them.

Practice makes perfect

Leadership is a life-long ambition. You need to practice with the right fundamentals for many years to be good at it. You must develop a team-first mentality. Leadership is about winning as a team. This comes across in every word and action. When you communicate that way, you demonstrate that you have your team’s best interest at heart and they understand it, too. If the team wins, everybody wins.


Part of being a servant leader is understanding that your team counts on you. If a crisis develops, you must conquer it without letting them see you waiver. Develop the mindset that everything is working out in your favor. Know that tough times will come and go. You must be strong for your team.

Stay grounded  

Your team is counting on you. This means you must create a balance between your personal and professional life. Take time to be a person after a busy day in the office. This could mean listening to your family talk about their day or going to the gym consistently. Anything that makes you feel like you have a separate identity from the one that is responsible for so many people.

Leadership is not for everyone. You must have the heart for it and the right mindset. Explore the many styles of leadership to find the one that is right for you. Once you find it, read as much as you can on it to really solidify your mindset so your team and company can soar to new heights of success. Stay true to you. The others will follow.

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