The Marketing Big Three

Strategy, Design, and Advertising

The Marketing Big Three

November 28, 2021

1. Strategy

Marketing strategy is by nature a way to create and execute actionable steps to promote products or services. Attempting to market your company without a strategy is like going to the battlefield without a weapon. You might be there, but you will quickly be overtaken by opposing forces. Determining what strategies will be most potent in your specific market can be challenging. At Two Impress, our team offers a comprehensive, strategic partnership with companies who need some additional assistance in this area of their marketing. With everything from brand strategy, product strategy, user research and experience, and more, we are more than capable of equipping businesses to make strides in their strategic methods.

2. Design

Design in marketing goes beyond a nice logo or a pretty billboard. Design is the first impression your marketing makes on a potential customer. Your target audience pays attention to the details of your design. A visually captivating product or service can be the deciding factor whether you are chosen over your competition. Thoughtful design is in and of itself a strategic objective. By being knowledgeable of what is appealing to your audience, you are gaining an advantage in design execution. We understand all too well how critical design is to businesses.That is why we discuss product and service design, content production, as well as total brand design with all our clients as options for their business.

3. Advertising

Advertising is third piece to complete this marketing circle. Productive advertising is manifested through the thoughtful consideration of strategy and design. When all steps have been taken in a deliberate manner, advertising then transitions from noise and clutter, to poignant and engaging. Advertising is critical when vying for the attention of customers against competing companies. In addition, well placed advertisements can increase retention of your current customer base. Flyers, mailers, billboards,Instagram ads, boosted Facebook posts, etc., can contribute to strategic advertising campaigns for current and potential customers. Strategic advertising with cohesive design sets businesses apart from the rest.

Executing effective strategy, thoughtful design, and calculated advertising can be overwhelming to tackle on your own. However, at Two Impress, we believe our experience in the marketing “big three” is well and above the rest. We can help any business, regardless of the market, reach their goals. If you are ready to take your marketing initiatives to the next level, contact us! It is our company’s mission to help brands succeed through a thoughtful, strategic and collaborative approach to marketing. We’ve developed a unique model that puts people first—whether it’s our clients or our diverse team of creative talent—because we believe the best way to deliver breakthrough work is to lean on our values: collaboration, flexibility & respect.

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