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The marketing “Big Three”, strategy, design, and advertising, play pivotal roles in your business. Despite the appearance of simplicity, effective marketing is multifaceted. At its core, marketing employs a variety of layers that work in synchronistic harmony to achieve specific goals. We understand that in an idealistic world a simple Facebook post every now and again would satisfy your audience, and propel them to patron your store, e-commerce site, or service offering. However, it takes the “Big Three”working in tandem with one another to generate the best traffic and awareness to your business.

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In this day and age, it is absolutely essential for brands to have a virtual presence. For some this comes naturally, others can use a little help. Read this to learn some easy steps to take your brand into the digital age.

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Your Brand Should Be Virtual

Your brand should be virtual. Period.

What a blunt statement, right?

Believe us, we wish we could beat around the bush and lace this message with some generic pleasantries. However, it is in our professional experience that businesses who prioritize creating an engaging, virtual brand have the most success against their competitors. You may be wondering how to begin the process. Below, we have listed out a few of the basics for you to consider.

Create a Website

A website creates a space on the World Wide Web for your business to call home. The Pew Research Center has discovered that over 90% of adults are using search engines to find information. Businesses are not excluded from these searches. In fact, 46% of these online Google searches are consumers looking for businesses. If your website doesn’t exist, your business is missing out on a tremendous amount of opportunity to gain potential customers.

Utilize Social Media Accounts

Not only is social media free to set up, but it also provides an affordable means to market your business using platform-specific advertisements. It has been found that 76% of consumers saw the product or service they purchased from a social media post. When used effectively, targeted ads can assist you in acquiring customers at a lower cost than traditional means of marketing. With increased effectiveness and lower costs, there very few excuses as to not have social media accounts for your business.

Reach Out to a Marketing Agency

If the creation and maintenance of a virtual brand seems too overwhelming, do not fret! Marketing agencies, such as Two Impress exist for this very reason. Here at Two Impress, we understand that taking steps to create an online presence can feel a bit out of reach if your business is strapped for time and resources. Our agency is designed to help small businesses reach their goals through full-scale marketing, especially in the virtual world. Skilled in the world of website design, social media marketing, and more, we are here to help you take your business to the next level. Contact us today to see how we can work in tandem with you!